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Seal of the State of Illinois

Williamson County Courthouse - 407 N. Monroe St. Marion, IL 62959

Economic Development

Williamson County Courthouse Annex
201 W Main Street
Marion, IL 62959
Celeste Sollers

The Department of Community & Economic Development's overall goal is to increase the standard of living for residents of the County through rehabilitation of existing housing, promotion of home ownership and working in cooperation with federal and community organizations to increase economic development activities, municipal infrastructure improvements and the provision of a variety of direct services to the residents of Williamson County.

The Department works closely with federal and state agencies, and with other public interest groups to maintain adequate funding for low income, improvement programs. These programs assist with public facility improvements for municipal water and sewer districts, low income, housing repairs to improve the health and safety of residents in our community, and economic development projects to attract new business and industry to the County promoting job creation. Revolving loans are available for job creation to businesses looking to locate or expand their services in Williamson County.

Funding is also obtained by the Department to provide staff in direct service programs provided by the State’s Attorney’s Office and the Sheriff’s Department and to provide technology improvements to the County offices.